Pinzgauer heifers are early maturing and highly fertile. Obviously the most important economic factor in any breeding program is fertility. Heifers must breed and cows must re-breed.


By twelve months of age many Pinzgauer heifers have cycled regularly for three months and are ready to conceive early in the breeding season. In fact heifers calving at two years of age are very common. This above average fertility generates a tendency for twins to occur – more so than in any other breed.


Figures from South Africa show that even under tough conditions calving percentages in stud herds well over eighty percent.


When it comes to male fertility, as the breeding season arrives Pinzgauers possess the two most important qualities in a breeding bull – high sperm count and libido.


Your Pinzgauer bull will exhibit masculine characteristics early in life, with scrotal development of yearling bulls, as evidence of potential fertility, often measuring 35-38 cms. (Tests have also identified bulls as quick gainers with an excellent feed conversion ratio)


 In spite of their aggressive breeding instincts, mature Pinzgauer bulls usually remain docile and easy to handle throughout their breeding lives.


 Longevity is also the norm with many bulls continuing to breed up to ten or eleven years of age, those strong legs and hard dark hooves carrying them through many successful working seasons